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The following experiences have been solicited from viewing participants at the various bird clubs, Audubon Societies, state ornithology groups, garden clubs, photography clubs, botanical gardens, senior groups, county programs, nature seminars, elementary schools and library programs where presented. Thanks to all of the VENUES that have allowed us the opportunity to educate, to share our passion for birds, and to display the beauty of nature. Need a Speaker for Your Next Meeting? CONTACT or EMAIL us for dates and bookings. SEE: EVENTS

Bob Speaking

"Our club loved, loved, loved your program! The photography, and videography were amazing, and it was so interesting to be able to hear the bird calls along with the images. Bob's speaking style is entertaining and thoughtful. Bettsie Adamson - Programs Chairperson - Goochland Garden Club on "Our Wonderful Wood Warblers"

“This presentation was fabulous. His photographs displayed both the breeding and non-breeding plumages as well of the species that exhibit different plumages between male and female in great detail and clarity. He spoke of the habitat of each family and pointed out the distinguishing field marks and behavior. It was an outstanding primer to the world of coastal birds and is a must see program for naturalists and birders.”
Pete Peterman - Programs Chairperson for Hampton Roads Bird Club on "Coastal BIrds of the Atlantic "

"…knowledgeable about gardening to attract nature into a home garden. His practical first hand experiences can be used by anyone on any size property. His enthusiasm and easy, professional delivery make his programs an educational pleasure."
Libbey Oliver - Programs Chairperson Williamsburg Garden Club on "Gardening for Birds and Butterflies"

"Bob Schamerhorn's presentation, “Attracting Birds with Water” was a real treat. It was amazing to see how providing a simple water feature can attract and benefit such a wide diversity of birds and other animals. The photos and videos are stunning, and make you truly appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of helping wildlife in suburban areas where natural habitats have become significantly fragmented and scarce."
Carl Kikuchi, President - Audubon Society of Northern Virginia on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

"Not only are your photographs picture perfect but your story telling is mesmerizing. We look forward to having you come again!
Pam Monahan, Vice-President - Virginia Beach Audubon Society on "Adventures of Bob The Birdman"

"Thank you for being the perfect wrap up speaker for our day. Your presentation was not only interesting and educational but inspirational as well. The photography was breath taking and the bird sounds terrific. Your talk tied the entire day together,"
Earlene Hogg, Prince George Master Gardener - Good Gardening Symposium Chair on "Gardening for Birds and Butterflies"

“Bird of Prey presentation was a huge success for the Williamsburg Bird Club. Everyone at the meeting was thoroughly engaged by his stunning up-close-and personal photographs coupled with vocalization overlays and natural history narrative for each of Virginia’s diurnal and nocturnal raptor species. This presentation took the audience on a journey beyond just seeing hawks, eagles, falcons and owls to getting to know them as they are in their natural settings. Truly a good well done!"
Bill Williams, President - Williamsburg Bird Club on "Birds of Prey"

"…still photos and videos showcasing most of the warbler species that move through our region in spring and fall migrations. He has combined photos of birds in breeding plumage and fall plumage with his exceptional photography skills. Also each species of bird was accompanied by audio of that bird’s call and a helpful mnemonic device for remembering the call. Our group oohed and aahed as the parade of beautifully photographed/videoed warblers graced the projection screen. Bob has become an annual presenter to our group. If you have the chance to see one of Bob’s programs, you will be an instant fan."
Tony Wood, President - Cape Henry Audubon Society on "Our Wonderful Wood Warblers"

"Informative program on Gardening to Attract Butterflies and Birds that you presented to our community was fabulous. The photography and video clips, including the accurate sounds, were so professional! Because you were sharing photos of what you have done in your own yard, it made the presentation particularly interesting and encouraged us to think about what we could do in our yards. We hope you will return to CrossRidge in the future! "
Betty Mason, Co-chair of CrossRidge Garden Club on "Gardening For Birds and Butterflies"

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation - residents truly enjoyed your program! Your integration of outstanding quality photos and videos and accurate sound effects allowed residents to experience nature as if outside. Your enthusiasm for birds and their behavior in their habitat was inspiring to our residents who stated that they can’t wait to see the birds on our property. We would love to have you in the future for another program! "
Allison B. Kahelski, Program Manager at The Hermitage at Cedarfield on "Gardening For Birds and Butterflies"

"Warblers! WOW!! How many times do any of us get beautiful, unobstructed views, up close and in perfect light, of these much sought after and appreciated but elusive birds? This warbler presentation offers one sensational image after another of these gorgeous birds. It is a sensational feast for the eyes and ears of most of the warbler species we can hope to see in Virginia. Bob's rare talent for both still and video recording of these birds in natural settings produce stunningly beautiful images that appear to be at arm's length, and they are accompanied by excellent audio of their accompanying songs. Also accompanies the visual feast with a lively and entertaining running narrative on the subject birds. As if the above were not enough, Bob even gives tips on how to entice these birds to come up close in your own yard, including water features and native plantings that bring the warblers to you. This is a great presentation for honing identification skills, or pure enjoyment of these beautiful birds Our bird club loved it! If you get the chance, don't miss this show!!"
Geoff Giles, President - Williamsburg Bird Club - on "Our Wonderful Wood Warblers"

"Wonderful program! Best program EVER! I highly recommend this very informative program with awesome photographs!"
Vickie Fuquay of Raywood Nursery, Danville, VA on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

"This program is fabulous. It is both educational and beautiful. Bob's knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of nature is inspiring. The images and accompanying audio will speak to your soul. I feel sure that it was our group's favorite program this year."
Barbara Altizer, Vice President - Stonehenge Garden Club on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

"We still have people in Danville talking about this wonderful program!!!"
Lexi Meadows, President - Southside Bird Club on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program (SEE: FULL TESTIMONY)

"We always enjoy our visits from Bob and this evening was no exception. Program featured the great photos that he is known for as well as an engaging presentation of facts and personal anecdotes for each group of birds… Our group was delighted and there is no doubt he will be invited back so we can enjoy his other programs…"
Tony Wood, President - Cape Henry Audubon Society on "Birds of Prey" Program

Best program we have had! The photographs were gorgeous. It was very informative and lots of fun. The combination of the videos with the corresponding bird sounds was icing on the cake! I absolutely loved it. Thanks again for a fabulous program."
Ginter Park Garden Club on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

“Our photography club had the privilege of seeing this presentation at one of our recent club meetings. Our members were riveted by his images and thoroughly enjoyed his down to earth delivery style about his many adventures around the county in the search of his “bucket list” of birds. The pictures he shared with us were inspirational to those of us striving to occasionally capture what Bob seems to seize routinely. Truly an enjoyable evening for any bird and/or photography enthusiast!”
Mike Harding, President - Hampton Roads Digital Photography Club - "Adventures of Bob The Birdman"

"…Birds of Virginia is an entertaining, educational, and colorful presentation following Virginia’s diversity of avian life throughout the seasons. Stunning photography intertwined with tips on where the images were taken, as well as tips on how to capture the shots, made for a delightful presentation. If you love birds and photography you will love this program!"
Lynda Richardson, Coordinator - "A Day of Photography in the Garden" at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens on "Birds of Virginia" Program

"The best program ever last night. Fantastic pictures and info on how to make a wonderful water bath for your birds at your home! Great Program!!!"
Rita O'Brien of The Bird Club of the Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, VA on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

"…a fantastic presentation for both the photographers and the birders in the audience. It gave us the sights and sounds of all the beautiful birds, coupled with Bob's commentary, left us all wanting more. We all learned things we never knew about this fascinating group of birds."
Barbara Houston, President - Colonial Nature Photography Club on "Our Wonderful Wood Warblers" Program

"…provides a great overview of these fascinating species, and as always is showcased by his superlative photography. For a group of birds that is difficult to approach and observe closely, this presentation provides an intimate and illuminating look at their lives and beauty"
Dr. Gene Sadler, President - Lynchburg Bird Club on "Birds of Prey" Program

"This program was terrific! I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot, too. The photos were great, but seeing video of the birds while they were bathing was fascinating... I enjoyed your humor throughout the program. Thanks again!"
Kathy Laine of Scottsburg, VA on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

"…a visually stunning program. Your outstanding photography gave us all a chance to view those tiny colorful birds up close. The presentation was educational for the novice and the experienced. The videos of the bathing birds delighted us all!!!! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program!!!"
Lexi Meadows, President - Southside Bird Club on "Our Wonderful Wood Warblers" Program

"Thank you for such a wonderful program you gave for the bird club. I have heard so very many comments… One person said, "if I could just take one such photo during my life time, I would love it. To see so many was just unbelievable."
Sandra Weigand, Programs Chairperson - Lynchburg Bird Club on "Birds of Prey" Program

"…we spoke about it all the way back home. Even the children were quite taken by the lovely photography of the beautiful birds. It truly is amazing."
Vicky Daniel of South Boston, VA on "Attracting Birds With Water" Program

"…presentation was excellent. Bob is such a wonderful resource always willing to travel. Many birders struggle with identification of these fast moving little birds, who are often found in high tree tops. This presentation was so helpful, especially since it showed his AWESOME photos of the bird while listening its song. I think this is a great learning process as it connect the image and the sound in ones brain."
Cheryl Jacobson, Vice President - Williamsburg Bird Club on "Our Wonderful Wood Warblers"

"This program is/was loaded with beautiful photos to inspire better shots. More importantly, it gives concrete information on how to capture birds in flight. If I can leave a workshop with one specific tip on how to improve my shots, I am happy. I left "Birds in Flight" with at least five. Thanks!"
Anita Storino of Richmond on "Birds In Flight" Program

"… program was an informative treat for naturalists of all ages. I recommend attending any event Bob presents."
Mark Bruns - Northern Shenandoah Valley Audubon - Program Chair on "Along The River's Edge"

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